How to shop directly from Amazon and have it delivered to Ghana.

If you have ever wanted to buy something from an online shop in the USA or UK, then you probably have come across amazon. The eCommerce site is big with millions of products and thousands of sellers from all over the world.

It’s one of the preferred shopping options for people who need to shop online from the USA and UK, directly to their home or office here in Ghana.

For a long time, if you wanted to buy something from amazon and have it delivered to you in Ghana, you either had to rely on a contact in the USA and UK – usually unreliable with a lot of questions to deal with, due to fraud.

The good news, however, is that you can shop online directly from the USA and UK retail shop such as amazon via and have it delivered to you here in Ghana.

Let’s go through the process of buying from amazon and receiving it in Ghana with


Follow the easy steps below to purchase products from the amazon store online and have it delivered to you here in Ghana.

  1. Choose items you wish to buy

You first need to visit the website of amazon to look for items you want. Then come back to to complete a simple order request. Shopp’n’Ship will order and pay for the items and send them to you in Ghana.


  1. Place an order with Shopp‘n’Ship


After you have seen items you want on amazon site, come back to and click the button labelled “Place UK/US Order’’. You will find a simple ordering form with clear instructions to help you complete an order request. Then leave the rest to us. Shopp‘n’Ship will buy your items and deliver them safely to you in Ghana.


  1. Pay for my order

You can pay instantly with BuzzPaid during the ordering. Alternatively you can go to any branch of Fidelity Bank and pay into Shopp‘n’Ship account the total order amount or Mobile Money. You will be given the Shopp‘n’Ship account details when placing your order. We recommend that you sign up to use BuzzPaid for all your online orders. It is safe, simple and a highly convenient way of making payments to all merchants that use BuzzPaid.


  1. Sending your orders to you in Ghana


We send customer orders from both the UK and US to Ghana by air freight. Air freight services are suited to your smaller sized and lighter items as air freighting is faster, but otherwise expensive for bulkier or heavy items. You can also request your bulky items to be sent effectively by sea freight. We only sea freight orders from the UK to Ghana.


You will receive an email from Shopp‘n’Ship confirming and providing the shipment details the moment your items are sent.

So that’s how to purchase products from Amazon and have them delivered to you right here in Accra, Kumasi or any of the cities in Ghana.

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